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monitor want turn on?

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OldER Mycroft

In an earlier post you said 2 things:

#1 - "i can not ajust anything because the monitor will not turn on when i push the power button on the computer"

#2 - "all monitors will click on as soon as the computer starts booting up,but thats my problem,when i push the power button the computer turns on but the monitor never does"

That was when I inquired why the monitor was getting its power from the computer and not from its own AC Mains source.

If the monitor is now plugged into its own power source (NOT via the PC), can you now power-up the monitor and access its on-screen menu?

The rocker (On/Off) switch is located at the rear of a PC, right beside the socket where the AC Mains cord is plugged in. If the PC also has a further power socket for plugging the monitor power lead into (so that the monitor powers on when the PC does) - BOTH power sockets often have their OWN rocker switches. Clearly if the monitor power rocker was switched to Off, then the monitor has no chance of powering-up when you press the front mounted power switch for the PC.