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monitor want turn on?

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OldER Mycroft

You oaf !!

"..i reformatted hard drive,that's it,computer was working befor that,runing slow but it worked,but now it just will not turn the monitor on"

That's NOT it - is it ??

Why on earth did you not reformat and reinstall in situ ??

You could've saved everyone a lot of time had you been honest from the outset instead of bemoaning some clandestine monitor problem, sending us all off in different guessing directions.

Format this HDD in your machine, preferably using Darik's Boot & Nuke:

This will completely WIPE the HDD, removing everything that is currently on it, including ALL trace of your bungled install.

Return the HDD to the original PC and boot with the XP install disc already in the disc tray.

Once it's up and running guess what you can then do ?

You can remove the properly formatted/installed HDD, put it into your PC and re-enact this whole sad story. Maybe doing it that way, it might have dawned on you a little quicker just what you'd done.