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Monitor Won't Stay In Standby

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OH Smeg

You could always plug the monitor into a Filtering UPS and see if it continues to turn back on.

But with all things like this it is most defiantly a Power Spike which may not be in your residence but somewhere in your neighborhood. Things like Large Drain devices can cause this particularly when you are towards the end of a Mains Distribution Line or there is heavy Industry involved.

At one place I had the customers PC turn itself on overnight and that was traced to a new fridge that had been installed 2 doors down. Admittedly there they had poor Mains but these things happen. At another place a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner would turn on a PC when it was set to cool but not heat some time over night after the owners went o bed.

I've also seen a case of a external Dial Up Modem being turned on which would start the computer running. Not overly common but it does happen. You need to look at the Power Draw on the Mains to see if something different is happening. Often something as simple as a Cold Snap can cause issues like this when there is Electrical Central Heating involved,

Personally I have never had to trace down a monitor turning itself on because all my clients turn them off when they leave even if they leave the PC running.