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Monitor Won't Stay In Standby

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I've had the same/similar problem(s) and it had nothing to do with power spikes. I leave my Win7 64 bit to go to sleep by itself as I usually have some task in progress at bedtime, defrag, scan, record etc.The monitor would go off but when I got up the dimmed screen would have frozen after waking sometime shortly after. The screen clock would be reading whatever time it woke up. (eg, Go to bed at midnight screen would say 1am) After trial and error discovered my new mi-fi (I think they call them) mobile broadband device was the culprit. I turn it off at night now and that problem has stopped. The blue screen problem I had turned out to be related to iTunes being affected by a useless little start-up program that Adobe slipped into one of their updates. Blue screen of death, unexpected shut down and my iTunes library would have vanished! (thankfully not the actual music files) That one took me weeks to fix. I never seem to have trouble with malware, just different programs not getting along with each other! You say the monitor is ok with another pc so maybe it's just something incompatible on the problem pc not that someone installed a fridge two doors down This may have nothing to do with your problem but may give you some ideas, hope it helps. 64 bit, it's the future of computers once they iron out all the bugs.