MS Outlook Error: Unable to display the folder

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MS Outlook Error: Unable to display the folder


The scenario of this error is: I had setup up this new PC (WIN XP Pro SP2 / MS Office XP) for this new manager of the branch office I am attached to. The GM accompanied him over to brief him on his new job, whilst the GM was at the branch he decided to view his emails from the new manager's PC. He logged onto his email from the IE with this address http://mainserver/exchange/username, the GM was able to view his emails.

Then the new manager was about to check his emails and this error popped up, "Unable to display the folder. MS Outlook could not access the specified folder location. You do not have the permission to log on"

I did few troubleshooting efforts but I did not get the email up. The default email folders for the new manager could not be accessed when I clicked onto his MAILBOX.

I am a graduate tech, having just under 1 year on the job and this is the first error I have come across.