Questions taking over DNS settings

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Locked taking over DNS settings

Hi all, I've got a network with all Windows XP or 2000 clients. I use NetWare's DHCP to dish out IP addresses to the clients. Over the past 4 to 5 days, people are calling saying they cannot access the internet. This occurs at random to anyone at any time. When doing an IPCONFIG, I see that the IP, subnet and gateway are fine, but the DNS is set to MSHOME.NET with a DNS address of I do an IPCONFIG /RENEW and they get their proper DNS settings back and internet access returns. Within a couple hours, they call again and I see that their DNS is back to MSHOME.NET etc... What on Earth is doing this and why is it happening out of the blue?? Doesn't happen to everyone, only about 20 out of 200 machines have reported this issue. No malware or viral activity shows up and Microsoft mentions nothing about this on their ICS support docs. HELP!