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Deadly Ernest

If you do have a number of templates it's a good opportunity to review them all and decide if they're still needed and if they need any updating. To move the templates I had from my Word 97 to Open Office when I switched I simply saved an existing document as a .doc then opened it in OO as a document, saved that as a template in OO and then cleaned out the text I didn't need. When I switched from OO to LO the templates just moved on over without a hitch.

Depending upon how complex the templates are, after you move them, as suggested above, you may have to fine tune some of the format settings due to the different ways MSO records formats. I know if I moved my current book template between the two I'd have to make an adjustment to the margins as OO / LO has inner and outer margins for mirrored pages while MSO has a margin and a gutter to do the same thing.