Multiple pc's on one network

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Multiple pc's on one network

I need help better understanding how to connect my laptop to a wireless 'network'. Im a novice with wireless technology.
So we have a home desktop pc, cable internet connection and I just bought a laptop and bought a Netgear router to connect everything together.
So, I was able to connect teh desktop to the router and the desktop can still access the internet. Also able to get the laptop to wirelessly recognize the router. Thats where my brain stops adding value...
I cannot log ontothe internet. When I click on explorer, I just get a page not found message.

Anybody out there that can tell me whats wrong? Please!!!
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User Profile for that particular connection. The way of doing this will be in both the Windows Help Files and the Router WiFi Access Point Instruction Manual.

The best alternative is to run the Network Setup Wizard and setup a Wireless Connection from there if you can not understand the instructions in the manuals.

But first you'll need to have that NB listed as a connection in the Router as well unless you have left the WiFi Access wide open so anyone can log in and steal your Internet Connection and your Data.