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my computer keeps restarting

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Ron K.

You don't want to CREATE a restore point you want to RESTORE to a point before you started having trouble. <br>
I'm thinking that either System Restore is turned off or your computer is pretty well hosed. <br>
Most computers come with a Restore partition on them. That's different then System Restore so don't get them confused. Usually you are prompted to make discs for restoring purposes when you first start the computer as new. If, for whatever reason, you don't have those discs I don't know if you'd be able to create them in Safe Mode but it'd be worth a shot. How? I'd need the make and model number of your computer so that I could look up the manual you could look up. <br>
If you weren't prompted to make restore discs when the computer was new there may be a Restore command when your computer first boots up.<br>
If you choose to restore your computer from disc or from the restore partition you'll lose all of the data on your hard drive and your computer will be as new from the dealer. <br>
If you can't create restore discs and that's what you need then you're going to need a new copy of Windows for your computer. <br>
You MIGHT be able to clean it up with an antivirus solution, if you have a virus, but if you've accidentally deleted the wrong thing or changed the wrong thing a fresh installation or an in place installation of Windows may be your easiest solution. <br>