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my computer keeps restarting

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of the research that I advised you to do?

Google: HP D530

but look out for a result from (the description is weird, so it might be a site that will install malware on your computer)

".... what should i do from there?"

Obviously, you should not re-install the Windows operating system, unless you have EITHER:

(1) a re-install disc provided by Hewlett Packard for the hardware model that you are using. Contact their customer service or tech support and ask whether they can send one. They might want proof that you bought the computer new, or maybe that you acquired it as a gift.


(2) the Windows XP Professional installation disk that was used to install that OS on the computer. It seems unlikely that HP sold the computer new with that OS installed, so who installed it? Perhaps a local computer repair shop?

Use Google! By the way, I don't understand the fourth line of the additional data, which begins with "version:"

my OS is Windows XP Proffesional
Service Pack 3
Made by hewlett-packard
version: 5.1 2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
model: HPd530 SFF(PB603A)
system type: X65-based PC
Processor: x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel~2795Mhz"

You should still do the research to fix the rebooting problem, and if there are many other problems, then by the time that you are finished, you should be able to help others help themselves. :-)