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My DOS windows are always full-screen, how to fix?

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This one drove me nuts for a while - you can control whether cmd.exe starts as fullscreen or in a window with a shortcut but some programs run child processes using cmd.exe directly. Whenever a program did this I would have a fullscreen DOS popup when I was in the middle of working - very annoying! I finally found a solution - run cmd.exe and allow it to start fullscreen then use ALT + ENTER to switch it to a window. Right click on the top bar of that window and select Properties. Select the Options tab - you should find that the display options are set to run in a window but this is just the current position of the window. If you now click on OK you should be presented with a popup with 2 options - one of which is 'Save properties for future windows with same title' - select this and click on OK and you should find cmd.exe runs as a window from now on.