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My External HD Is Acknowledged In Disk Management, but It won't work!

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Rob Kuhn

I don't think the failure you are describing was caused directly by the updates but I also wouldn't rule it out. The only way I can see it causing a problem is if it updated or changed the driver of your USB controller or the update was a firmware update to the external drive itself - generally that requires a seperate/special setup program that will warn and caution you before being applied.

That being said the problem is most likely the external drive, the USB cable or the USB port on your computer. The easiest and quickest way to verify this is to plug it into another computer and see if the problem follows the drive.

Another thing you can try is to try a restore point prior to the updates being applied. This would help rule out an update causing the problem. To be perfectly honest I'd attempt this as a last resort. One that I would attempt after verifying that the external drive was good.

If there is no data on the drive, or data that you are not too concerned about and OK with losing, I'd take it back to Best Buy and have it tested/checked out. It should take them less than a minute. If it checks out and works there then you can focus your attention to your computer. If it fails there then you walk out with a new (replaced) external drive. :)