My laptop (acer aspire 5630) will not power on

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My laptop (acer aspire 5630) will not power on

It was getting hard to turn on and I thought that the power button was breaking since it was sitting cockeyed, but I took the middle keyboard cover off and it doesn't look broken and after putting the cover back on the button sits just fine.
Since the laptop has died I have left it unplugged till the other day when I thought I'd plug it in for SnG, the light that shows the battery is charging was solid then after a bit started to blink and would not go from orange to green, then yesterday I plugged it in again and it blinked a few times and then turn green. It has never done this before and I am wondering what that could mean, also the battery now gets warm which it never used to do before the laptop died. I am wondering if this might be my power problem or if its something more serious like the motherboard being fried.
Also if the motherboard is fried how could I tell?

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    either the charger has gone bad, or the battery itself, possibly both. If it was a motherboard issue, chances are it would give error beeps, or nothing at all. Sometimes the jack on the charger won't seat properly, which results in no current fed to battery, sometimes the plug on the motherboard can work loose, which case a bit of soldier might remedy this (along with steady hands and magnifying glass).