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My laptop no longer connects wirelessly! Please help?

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what you need to do is to take your laptop to an internet cafe and see if its wireless connectivity works.

if it does work at the cafe, then you need to get a new wireless router.

but if it doesnt work at the cafe, then your laptop has a malfunction.

you can then take it back home and try to roll back the wireless driver via devices in the control panel. or you can try replacing the driver with a new one or just replace it from your laptops home site.

but if replacing the driver still doesn't help, then you will need to send it in for repairs. it isn't uncommon for either the wireless modem or the laptop wireless connection to go bad. these devices are poorly manufactured.

also, if you prefer not to send in your laptop for repairs, then buy a "Wireless USB Adapter that enables your PC to wirelessly connect to USB device":