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My PC game is shut down by Windows instantly it starts - why?

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games like these -those requiring advanced graphics- will rarely run on a system that utilizes Onboard Graphics. This would include most laptops. If you don't know whether or not your system falls into this category, it most likely does. Now that I got that mouthful out of the way, I will note that this game, being as old as it is, should play adequately on most systems, onboard graphics or not. As a general rule, given that a game will play with onboard graphics, it has been my experience that it will NOT do so with the OEM drivers it came with. This is especially true for Intel graphics. If you check your system specs and it shows you have Intel graphics, be sure to note the version number. Armed with this knowledge, visit Intels download site and update your drivers with the ones you find there.

Should you ever find a driver that works, you will want to be sure Windows Update does not overwrite them. I find it NEVER to be a good idea to allow MS to update any graphic card drivers. Good luck.

Also, according to Steams' site, the game is not made for nor will it run on XP.