My PC Restarts Automatically When Connect To LAN

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My PC Restarts Automatically When Connect To LAN

I have Intel Pentium III 551Mhz,128 RAM Windows XP SP2
PC Configuration,
When I wants to access internet it restarts automatically after ~5mins or less.
Sometimes it works throughly at night when there is no one on LAN.
At first I thought it is related to RAM but there is also one of my friend who uses same 128 RAM but it's PC works.Also I have changed my RAM to 256 MB even I changed my LAN CARD but still it restarts.I SCAN my pc,it is virus free,I also UPDATES Ethernet Driver but still restarts.

I also disables automatic restart on system failure function but still it happens.

It gives some error like

and something on restarting
And also giver message that Sytem recovered from Serious error for
help send to windows.
Now I have last chance to FORMAT it throughly but even if it not works then
My email id is
Please reply as early as possible
Thank You!