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My SWAG arrived - I am no longer one of the Riff-Raff !! ...

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OH Smeg

The TR Coffee Cups where always the ultimate for most people particularly those outside the US as the person previously in charge of handing these out wouldn't sent them to International Participants.

Besides the T Shirts and Coffee mug I don't have a clue what else is available and I've never asked for any either so I have no idea of what it is possible to get. And to join this club do you actually have to get TR Swag yourself or will it suffice that it arrived at your house and in my case SWMBO swiped it?

I can still remember when a TR Tee shirt arrived here I was shown it by the wife who was wearing it at the time. After she had stretched it all out of shape she stopped wearing it at all. So to make it sort of fit right I had to take up Body Building and after building 38 different bodies I eventually got one sort of right that could wear it.

The group of 20 formally known as the TR Insiders or TRI where responsible for making suggestions to Improve TR as a Site but then several Site Redesigns ago that disappeared as well so other than a TR Top Geek Finilast that I think GG who was made the Queen Geek and B Film Fan who was named the King Geek I only have a E-Sticker with the TR Logo on it so I don't really have any TR Swag. :_|

Even now I'm only posting to the Weekly things that have been introduced to TR by Sonja to help out till others jump right in as without Community Participation this will fold and there will be no place for Direct Input. Which will not bode well for the members overall.

Anyway me with my TR Took Geek Finilast want to join in.

Col ]:)