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My SWAG arrived - I am no longer one of the Riff-Raff !! ...

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OH Smeg

Cloths that where part of the job to wear I personally don't have a problem with wearing them but then again they paid me a lot of money to wear them.

I do particularly like the Flame Proof old Porsche overalls that I used to have to wear many years ago when I worked for McLaren nice gear there and far better than the Ford Overalls that I had to pay for to work at one Ford Dealer many years ago.

But the thing I particularly liked when the kids where younger was the way that all this Special team Wear was worn by SWMBO kids and their fiends. The stuff that was only for team members was worn by all the neighbor hood kids well that's how it appeared to me and I even lost my old Porsche Jacket which was the best Cold Weather Gear that I've ever worn. It was at that stage when SWMBO daughter stole it that I stopped referring to them as My kids and started referring to them as SWMBO Kids. Confuses many that as they all seem to think that I'm the second partner. But at least they don't pick on me for their poor behavior.

I do still wear a couple of the very Old Ducati T Shirts that where part of another Racing Team and I do really like them but they are getting very second hand now.