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NAS storage... Do you use them?

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I am about to install this in my home office which comprises 1 desktop, 2 laptops and 2 printers. The desktop and printers are wired via a Wifi hub/router combo with a (supposedly) 10Mb internet connection. The 2 laptops connect wirelessly.

It all seems to be very simple and hopefully it will be. The plan is to connect the NAS device (a 1 TB Packard device) to a free port on the hub.

I will be using it for backups and do think it is worth the time. What you are talking about though is an a much larger scale to me although as my and presumably your network is ethernet they should both be similar to implement.

I found some good white papers here on TR try:

I'll post back here and let you know how I got on and I would be interested in what you decide to do.

Good luck!