NAT on single VLAN only

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NAT on single VLAN only

I am setting up a 1721 router with 2 VLANs using the same default route. The WAN link is on another router in a bridge configuration and the fa0 port on the 1721 will be assigned the tunnel address of the WAN. The 1721 is using a WIC-4ESW and the VLANS are configured on these ports.

VLAN 1 is for the data network and is using private subnet VLAN 2 is for the voice network and is using real IP addresses due to limitations on the soft switch and the absence of an SBC means this is a requirement. Lets assume the range for VLAN 2 is

VLAN 1 requires NAT for internet access, but VLAN 2 must send packets out using the IP address assigned to the VoIP handset.

How can this be done?