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need help getting my pc to work again.

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OH Smeg

And has not been used for a while as apposed to someone trashing the OS is that the BIOS Battery has gone flat and needs replacing.

This is a Coin Battery on the M'Board and is generally a 2032 Type Battery. To replace this you need to remove the cover from the system disconnect any Power Leads that may be plugged in and push the Battery Lock back to allow it to pop up and be removed. Replacement is the opposite of removal but make sure that the new battery goes in so that the Flat Face of the battery faces away from the M'Board.

After the battery is in place plug in the Mains Lead and push the On Button. When prompted press the Specified Key to enter the Setup and set the BIOS to the Performance Defaults and set the Data & Time to current settings. Save the changes as you exit the BIOS and see if it starts now.