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need help getting my pc to work again.

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You did your time. Was anybody using it while you were away? You should at least here or see the initial screen or BIOS Post. If the battery is dead on the board you'll get a message telling you that the CMOS settings have been cleared or something tpo that effect and to enter setup. That can be one of many ways depending on the Company or type of mother board used. If its a no name brand, tapping on the delete key will get you into the bios. Set everything to auto regarding hard drives, if theres no floppy, make sure the floppy drive setting is disabled and try that while it plugged in to the wall (if its a laptop, the main battery may be messed up too).Not all tech guys are as rude as these turds and I'd love to see how well they would do in jail for a few months crying for their mommas. Good luck.