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Need help getting rid of a virus!

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you can just reboot the computer again and return to the beginning of the setup screen.

however, if you don't want to salvage what you can, you can go ahead and reinstall xp from scratch. the installation process will scan your hard drive for installed o.s.'s and give you the options to install xp in its original folder, a new folder or different partition.

but you will want to install xp the drive c where the file system is ntfs.

after you make the selection, the cd should give you the option to format the c drive before installing xp.

at this point you could re format the c drive before installing, but since we don't know what kind of infection you had, reformatting may not be helpful.

but as long as you have the xp cd, your always open to start over again with setting up xp and selecting differing options, like reformatting the c drive.

in regards to deleting partitions, there is no need to do that. incidentally, is the computer your working on a pc or laptop?

if it is a laptop, then one of those partitions may be storing the original setup files to install xp and the hardware drivers. in which case, you could execute a "factory restore".