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Need some level 1 helpdesk related tasks and resolutions

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OH Smeg

But Wiz is right you'll get lots of questions well Demands for a possibility with the user never capable of doing anything wrong to the other side of the coin a Tech with a problem that they can not solve but as Tier 1 is their first point of call you'll have to work out very quickly that this question needs to be kicked up the chain for someone with more experience.

Unfortunately however Tier 1 Help Desk Staff depending on where they work are encouraged to solve every problem and firmly believe after a short time that the people calling them are Idiots, and they have all the answers. I distinctly remember one Tier 1 Help Desk Staffer demanding that I delete all stored E Mails on a Surgeons Computer so that Outlook was not bogged down with too many stored files on a system with 200 MEG PST File.

Didn't matter that I would have deleted Important Data that was not possible to replace or that someone may have died they just wanted it deleted as they had no idea of what was going wrong. After backing up which they insisted was unnecessary and deleting the PST as per their direction their next guess was to Format the HDD and reinstall the OS and all Software.

After 45 Minutes on the phone I finally was told by the Tier 3 Guy I was speaking to that their Mail Servers where down and the was no possibility of collecting any E Mail. The previous 2 Help Desk Staff had vermently denied that it was even possible to have their E Mail System Fail and insisted that it must be on the computer I was ringing about.

What was a simple question of Are your Mail Servers Down at the Moment turned into a 60 Minute joke with the possibility of if I had of done as told would have resulted in adverse Medical Outcomes or death and a Complete Reload with the loss of all the Customers Data.

Though at the end of that it's quite possible that their Mail Servers would have been restored so their course of action would have worked. :^0

Or my ISP???s Help Desk where the Cable Modem was only showing a Power On Light and nothing else they finally insisted that it had died I needed a new one which they wanted me to pay for and would take 10 days to deliver. I had rung them with a question of was their service down locally after a Auto Accident. 7 Hours latter some Linesmen appeared to restore the Cable in the Area which had been damaged when a car hit a Power Pole and brought it down. Apparently using their services when it fails for any reason is most defiantly not the best idea you should wait several hours till others have complained and then they will look into the possibility of a Service Outage.

6 Days latter during a severe Thunderstorm when the same thing happened I got exactly the same response with exactly the same symptoms. The second time it only took 5 hours to have the Lines out to fix the water damaged link and the Tier 1 Staff refused to believe that their service was down in my area.