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Need some level 1 helpdesk related tasks and resolutions

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That depends mostly on the company you work for. Some level one helpdesks do allow agents to do a lot more than others. I worked on a helpdesk for an investment banking company previously, and now am actually working with the same company on a different helpdesk doing level one for Coca-Cola.

We could do quite a bit more on the banking helpdesk, and of course had to pass security clearance. I think they really had no choice but to make it so level one agents could do more because they have literally hundreds of customized applications that you simply must intuitively know how to troubleshoot when the documentation does not provide an answer.

Mostly you should expect to resolve VPN issues, and do not underestimate the amount of knowledge you will need for non-PC endpoint devices such as smart phones. Be aware of what requires network authentication to perform, such as you obviously cannot do a network password reset for someone who is not connected to the VPN. But, there is more beyond that like changing permissions may require a network connection.

On your first days just do everything to avoid making a mistake that will cause further inconvenience by taking your time and staying calm. Do not be ashamed to route something off if it must be routed off, because they will not be ashamed to route it right back if they know you can do it and might even tell you how.

Once you get used to the issues users come in with the challenge is speaking well. It is sometimes hard to avoid "yeah" and "um" when the user cannot describe the problem and it sometimes is hard to not interrupt the caller. There are also ways to say things to put the user in the right frame of mind to give a response, and be able to steer the dialogue as much as you can.

Do not assume the user knows the problem. Restate the issue if you think they may not be giving you correct information. I actually had one lady who called in unable to log into Windows, and it turned out she could not find it in her programs but was logged on. Stuff like this may be funny, but it also wastes time. So, be careful of red herrings.