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Need some level 1 helpdesk related tasks and resolutions

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Also consider looking to various help desk or office product rss feeds.
Keep in mind although there are many types of help desks there are a ton of similarities to what tools you have and what you will support.
Consider creating your own KB of common office products.
I.E. Outlook,Lotus Notes, Office suites 03-10. And if your not familiar with password resets in Active Directory you tube it. Download some modules so it doesn't look alien to you. Another suggestion is to take a look at Heat or Remedy. These are some of the most common ticketing systems I've used and seen on various help desks. One more thing to take into consideration is when your in a level 1 position, you may luck up on a company that has a decent knowledge base. Study the tickets, the issues,and what solutions have worked and what didn't.
A little late with this post. Hopefully it helps.