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Need some level 1 helpdesk related tasks and resolutions

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All HelpDesk are different. I totally agree with some of the post that you have recieved. I have been a manager for one of the largest helpdesk in the USA. I will tell you that I never hired anyone with extreme knowledge of the products we supported. It is always best to train them on the products yourself and have a knowledgebase in place for them to use when needed. I would also say that feeding off of others and their experience is a great way to get started. I began a help desk by myself in a small room with our network manager. I was told to answer as many calls as I could and resolve them. I fed off of this guy and if he didnt know the answer, I found someone who did and made notes. I then took everything I learned and created an excel spreadsheet, Created filters for products issues and resolve. Most of the time you will find that if you want to be successful as a helpdesk representative, you will create a knowledge base and ask your peers to share theirs as well. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!!