Need Suggestion for Career Gap

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Need Suggestion for Career Gap

Need your suggestion related to my career.
In 2006 I have completed my MCA and join the software firm ,worked there for 11 months(in .Net) then got good offer join some Big firm& due to recession I was able to work there for 8-9 months(in Mainframe),total work experience was 1.9 yrs(left job in feb 2008)After that I tried lot but din't get job.
In 2009 worked in Compter institute for some months but don't have any Exp. letter and in 2010 join as lecturer in Engineering College,left job in 2011 and got married in 2011 ,now in 2013 want to again join the Software firm.

How to show my gap and how to represent my CV to be effective.

Your Help and suggestion give me a good and bright turn in my Career and life.

Waiting for your kind reply.


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    I had an unemployment spell of over 5 years. After the introductory stuff about skills I headed a section "Work History (excerpts)", missing out not only my 5 years unemployment but a short job with a firm which turned out to be crooked and some non-IT stuff. A reader might assume me to have been in non-IT employment in such times and, if not, he would ask and I would tell the truth.