Need to get rid of an Online School Program.

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Need to get rid of an Online School Program.

My family and I recently moved into a house after some slobs moved out (Cleaned up their junk and crap.) and found two HP ProBook 6560b laptops with the Connexus Online School program on them.

Now I'm fully aware of the Administrator Account and the Student account and all that but I'm not asking to crack into the admin account because I know I'll just get a lecture on why I shouldn't do that.

What I want to know is how to get rid of the program so I can have a backup laptop at my disposal and have a laptop for my father to use (He's trying to learn how to use the "fancier new generation" laptops.)

Answers, anyone?

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    Is to reload the NB's, though as they have this software on them it sounds very much as if they are School Issued devices and are the property of a school so you could in effect be in possession of stolen property.

    Attempting to return them to their owner first may be a better option than simply wiping and reloading them and then getting done for being in possession of stolen property. After all a Criminal Record will severely impact on your ability to work in some areas of the workforce.