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Network between xp laptop and vista laptop

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On the firewall, you need to ensure that you specifically open for windows networking.

On the Vista machine, the easiest way to do this (and more) is to declare the "Network place" as "Home".

Also, you need to make sure that on both computers wifi-connections you have activated "Windows networking" (the client) and "Windows printer and file sharing" (the server)

Oh, you should check that workgroup name is the same on both computers.

In order for the computers to easier find each other, I'd suggest you set up the router to always assign the same ip-addresses to them. (If your router can't do it with its native firmware, install dd-wrt on it (should work on your router,
Then enter these addresses in your both computers' hosts file (C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc)
(Due to UAC, you'll have to fight a little to put it in place on the Vista machine, but don't give up.)