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Network Connectivity issue

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Rob Kuhn

You do have the WAN/Internet port on the back of the Belkin connected to the cable modem?

if you plugged the cable modem into one of the LAN ports on the back of the Belkin then it's not going to work - at least not without some setup in the router. :)

If you do have the cable modem plugged into one of the LAN ports (for whatever reason - maybe to use it as an Ethernet switch), you may need to disable the DHCP/DNS service in the Belkin router because it's going to use the WAN/Internet port as the gateway and since there's nothing plugged in there .... :)

So, after you disable DHCP/DNS you should be able to hit the Internet because you are in a sense connecting directly to the cable modem.

However, if you plan to add/connect more machines to the Belkin router only one will be able to hit the Internet. That said there was a time (before home routers) where if you wanted to have more than one machine connected to a single cable modem (or DSL modem) you had to purchase/lease the additional IPs; back in the day we had @Home as our ISP (which later was purchased by Cox Communication) and we had two machines. No home routers were available so we had to lease two static IPs. A switch was used to share the single cable modem.

Later I built a small LINUX box to act as a software firewall, DHCP and DNS server and used it as my router for the machines in the house. it was fine because we really didn't have video streaming or anything that really bogged the bandwidth :)

Anyway, I digress ...

How did you configure/setup the Belkin router? Have you tried to reset it back to factory default and start over? What model is your Belkin router?

Also, is the Belkin router new? If so how did you configure/set it up?