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New OS With New Motherboard?

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I appreciate all of the information. Ultimately, I purchased a refurbished dual core Gateway with a 1GB of RAM from Tiger and that cured my need to buy a new overpriced motherboard for my old gateway machine. I was just curious as I was under the influence that I would also have to purchase a new copy of XP. It did figure into my decision but the cost of the motherboard $199-$327 for the correct replacement board, and the cost fo the new machine $350 were the deciding factors.
This might be helpful to others however.
I carefully selected the new machine in so that I was able to utilize the RAM from the old machine. I also bought an external case for the SATA Drive from the old machine and connected it to my new one. Thus, Instead of repairing the old machine for $200 I have a new machine with 2GB or RAM and two hard drives -200GB and 250GB. The total cost was $439 with shipping. Not too bad.