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New OS With New Motherboard?

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OEM versions are supported by the PC manufacturer in the UK too and assume this is a global policy.

However, obtaining an activation code is NOT product support.

I feel the same ground is being covered over and over on this thread, so I will resist any temptation to repeat myself and the valid comments of others who have tried to clarify the situation.

In supporting and repairing Windows XP since its release I have never had any issue in obtaining a new activation code from the activation centre, and I would say in excess of 90% of my experience has been with OEM copies originally supplied with a machine.

Obtaining technical support from Microsoft is completely separate from requesting and obtaining a new activation code.

If you try to try to turn an activation request into a support request then you will be referred to the manufacturer. That is why when speaking to the activation centre you need to stick to the facts and deal with the matter in hand, and not get distracted by making your request seem technical.

Switch to Linux... I'm sure that advice will be of real help to the people with Windows licensing queries.

I'm not knocking Linux and it certainly has its place, but that needs to be an informed choice made by the end user and not a kneejerk response from Microsoft bashers.