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New OS With New Motherboard?

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I am not aware of any such change in 2005.

I have regularly had to re-activate clients' copies of Windows XP (usually OEM) after repairs, often motherboard changes, and was doing this on an almost daily basis until I changed jobs at the start of this year.

Even recently I did a repair for a friend less than a month ago with a motherboard swap-out and had to re-activate their OEM copy of Windows XP. I had to call the activation centre but their automated telephone system asked me some questions and gave me an activation code without even having to speak to a human.

I think you are getting too preoccupied in what you think is Microsoft's policy, and enjoy complaining about the way you have been treated, without actually taking the advice of anyone on this thread.

Please, for the sake of our collective sanity here, GET YOUR SOFTWARE RE-ACTIVATED!