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New OS With New Motherboard?

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Unfortunately there isn't really a way to pre-prepare for re-activation, for example there is no way to "de-activate" Windows to effectively free up the license, Windows just detects hardware change and uses that as the trigger.

You could leave it as is, which you don't really want to do having got this far.

The alternative, and what I would do, would be to re-flash the updated BIOS, try to re-activate when prompted, call the activation centre and when they ask if you have changed any hardware just tell them that your motherboard died and you have replaced it with a new one.

This is the only compromise I can see. If their call centre staff are not even savvy enough to understand that a BIOS update is not a big deal, and Windows is assuming that your motherboard has changed, play along with the game their way.

While it is a little white lie, I think it is a case of "needs must" in order to get the activation code. Remember you are not really doing anything wrong, you are not violating your license agreement because you have not physically changed the hardware.

It is more a case of a communication barrier between you and the activation centre staff, and this way you are effectively ticking a box that they understand and can deal with.

You may even find that if you call back and speak to somebody different, they will understand better and get you re-activated without a problem.

Your choice, let us know how you get on.