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New OS With New Motherboard?

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I agree completely, DigitalAI.

Unfortunately there seems to be an influx of responses recently from people who have not read the rest of the thread before they decide to jump in with their take on the situation.

People are very quick to base their comments on their previous experiences, which is fine, but the main difference here is that OEM licensing works differently and is much more restrictive, because it has been sold at usually around half the price of a retail copy, the main purpose being so that PC manufacurers can "bundle" the software with their computers making the price attractive compared to a consumer buying a bare computer and a full retail copy of the software.

As the discussion continues, we have not even heard anything back from the person posting the original question. We have no idea if he has a retail or OEM copy of XP. We have no idea if his motherboard is faulty or whether he wants to upgrade. We can only speculate and try to cover as many scenarios as possible in order to answer his question fully.

I think this bandwagon is now getting full.