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New OS With New Motherboard?

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I quite agree, it is not always necessary to read an entire thread. However if he had even skimmed through a couple or looked over the subject lines before posting it would have made him look a bit less arrogant in assuming that nobody else had hit the nail on the head.

The fact is there is no definitive "right answer" here because we do not have enough information from the person who asked the original question.

However, there have been many excellent and accurate posts, some more relevant than others to the discussion.

Unfortunately there have also been, in the last few days, a number of people posting thinking they can "re-invent the wheel".

Before I jump in I at least make a bit of an effort to make sure somebody hasn't already made the same point as me.

Windows vs Linux... bores me to tears. AMD vs Intel... I don't care. Different people have different preferences and different needs. One solution does not fit all.

A couple of times on this thread I have sensed a post trying to spark a "you wouldn't have this problem with Linux" debate. Maybe you wouldn't, but it does not help answer the question that has been asked. I was glad to see that nobody rose to the bait anyway!