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New OS With New Motherboard?

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We all learn as we go along, I don't think you ever stop learning especially where computers are concerned.

rtroy56, it is clear you have been trying to solve the problem yourself and doing a fair bit of research into the cause of the problem. Hats off to you because it is more than a lot of people bother to do.

As the discussion continues we all learn more and more about your situation and the possible causes of your problem.

The only thing I find a bit frustrating is that when people make suggestions, you don't always reply to say whether you then tried it or not, and what the result was.

Getting back to the matter in hand I find it interesting that Windows is showing your individual product key rather than the generic pre-activated HP key.

In theory this should make your case fairly straightforward, and you should be able to re-activate with that product key even after a full motherboard change. It will involve a call to the activation centre, and you may have to go along and play the game their way, telling them you have replaced the motherboard (as it was defective). Bending the truth a little but it is what they will want to hear in order to provide you with an activation code.