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New OS With New Motherboard?

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Not long ago I had a friend who had brought Windows XP professional

They wanted me to install it on their new dell computer
Which had come with an OEM Windows XP home installed

I did that then activated it and showed them how register with Microsoft

They then asked me to install the OEM version of Windows XP home on their old computer

This was a dell that had come with an OEM version of Windows 98 second edition

I checked the computer to see if the hardware would handle XP
It checked ok

This is the interesting part

I told them I can try but I had doubts
It worked and did not need to be activated

Another thing I have found is this

The activation code for OEM Windows XP classic still works if you install from a service pack 1 CD or a service pack 2 CD

How do I know?

I got sick of installing windows XP then installing the service packs
So I tried the install CDs with the service pack included

It worked and activated no problem

Amazing what will work if you try it