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Non-Installed Windows Programs Acting Installed

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No, they are not. The install files I get are from the main sites themselves. The install file on the desktop I try first since it worked before. If that one fails, I delete it and go back to the site and download it again elsewhere on the PC, so it's a fresh install file with no override.

After I uninstall the program via Add/Remove, I click on the install file (whether and old one or a fresh from the site) and the window asks "Run" or "Cancel". I click Run to install it again, but the computer does not "compute" that it's uninstalled, it still thinks it's installed and opens the program ready to be used. Yet, the folder where it was once installed is empty (nothing in there), and Add/Remove does not have it in the list.

I can click the install file and then "Run" button to run the program all day, but that's annoying.