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Non-Installed Windows Programs Acting Installed

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"We" allow you to post at all!

Dang foreigners! :^0

Picking on the dumb kid for being a dumb kid! Well, just for THAT, I am NOT going to ask about Tain (I like Taint better ;\ ), NOR am I going to ask about Ross-Shire. I don't know who "Ross" is, nor do I care why he has "a large heavy draft horse of British origin having heavily feathered legs". :)

I think we need to silence this one, before he starts talking about about the soccer matches he likes to watch....

To set the record straight, clearly you misapplied "Known". Sure, there might be documentation somewhere (for tourism's sake only) of some islands that are NOT a part of The States, but to assume they are "known" by this dumb kid...... :0

< /teasing the animals >