Nvidia 7300 drivers

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Nvidia 7300 drivers

I have been trying to install a new graphics card in my computer. I have put it into the computer and when I put the cd in and go on set up it says it can't locate any drivers that are compatible with my hardware. My computer is XP, the plug in and play monitor is S3 VIA Chrome9 HC IGP. It is starting to wind me up as I have downloaded loads of drivers and nothing seems to work. Please help me.
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Your plug and play monitor is ???

The S3 Chrome 9 is a video chipset - is your card nVidia or S3?

Your monitor is something else.

nVidia supports a unified architecture where their drivers support virtually all of their cards.

Go to the nVidia site and download their latest.


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If I am interpreting your post correctly, you have a system with Integrated Graphics that you are attempting to switch to a plug-in graphics card.

The steps to take are:

Determine how to disable the integrated or on-board video. This could be jumpers on the motherboard, or just a BIOS setting.

Disable the integrated video and move the monitor connection to the new graphics card.
(Note: this presumes that the new graphic card is compatible with your motherboard.

Boot up the system.

Windows should now see the new graphics adapter and request you install the drivers.

If Windows does not find the new graphics card, you may need to install the latest chip-set drivers for the motherboard.

If you are still having problems, post the full details of your system.