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OEM - SBS 2003 R2 install problems on Dell Precision 370

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If you are attempting to install onto a SATA HDD's you'll need to include the SATA Driver by pressing the F6 key at the first Blue Screen when you start the 2003 installer. Don't worry if nothing appears to happen as when the installer goes looking for the HDD it will then ask for the SATA Drivers.

If you are attempting to install this onto a RAID Array you'll need to do exactly the same thing as you need to load the RAID Drivers before attempting to install the OS.

However if you are attempting to load this onto a IDE Drive I'm not sure what's happening here as there should be nothing preventing the unit from loading and if this is the case the only real option is that the Data Face of the install media is somehow damaged or dirty or the Optical drive is faulty. Though if you can get other installations to load that tends to rule out the Optical Drive.