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OH Smeg

I have just finished cleaning a system after it's user opened a New Years Card which seems to have been the start of loosing his AV Program and most of the Malware Scanners.

As he does On Line Banking I had to take it part way seriously even though I have told him on numerous occasions that he shouldn't opening things just because they are there. I've also told him that some of the Web Sites that he visits are a Major Risk to Security but he constantly tells me it's a Computer and it's safe.

I constantly tell him that there are only 2 type of Computer Users those who have lost all of their Data and those who will loose all of their Data.

He's now wondering how he's going to pay me for this bit of work from New Years Eve till God only knows when. But it struck Home to him when I suggested that it may be a very good idea to ring his bank and suspend his current Password till he can attend a branch and reset it.

Now instead of him ignoring everything I say he's panicking and ringing every few hours asking what's happened so far. What's the Infection and can I clean it?

At least now he's beginning to see the need for security but I'm not sure that's it's an improvement.