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has to be the best bet...
It'll work, because it's our age-old protocol for transferring wisdom.
They sink in, despite cynicism and other firewalls of the mind...
So, who've we got who can craft cautionary tales?

The kinds where random unidentifiable but relatable-with people see bad ends are good. Throw in the odd one where the protagonist happens to have the right tool for the deal. The old tales were, I think, five to one on the negative side - before the Grimms and others bowdlerized them and started the slide towards Disney Princesses™©®.

I've heard a couple of new ones recently, by the way... one that comes to mind was about a bogieman that goes clack clack clack across a public restroom floor. The best ones, now as afore, are the ones that started out first-degree and from which a prototype was reverse engineered...