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one computer six monitors

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I just set this up for testing and used th encomputing system .
The PCI based card can be installed in one machine and adds 3 users to the system (up too2 cards 7 users (3+3+main computer per system) running XP pro in my instance. 30' limit and watch for electrical interference. the machines connect using regular cat 5 cables and each user logs. there are benefits to this
1- One Machine to upgrade maintain
2- most users are actually low demand an dprocessor does this fine
3- One IP address
the price is around $200 for the Pci system (adding 3 users to one computer of course you need monitors and keyboards and optionally speakers. this does not support USb though the N200 does support usb though.

I like it so far and am investigating using the product mentioned above for remote users, where a network connect allows for non local connectivity it is simple thin client and the price is reasonable for true security (we also use a VPN system for remotes) but testing will take time.