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options to sync contacts from godaddy's basic service to portable devices

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In terms of contacts 'to grab', I meant that in the iPhone, for example, in a gmail message, I just select the email sender and it goes to a 'create new contact, add to existing contact, add to VIP' screen.

Not automatic, but better than typing them in. Also in the iPhone there is a 'VIP' contact list where you can get to email faster for those on that list.

It's tricky to setup, but you could send e-mail using a Godaddy SMTP account, via Gmail. I believe this would allow incoming via gmail (or forwarded godaddy) and outgoing/replies to use godaddy.

ntt dot cc/2010/04/03/how-to-send-mail-through-godaddy-smtp-servers-via-gmail-account.html

www DOT shoestringbranding DOT com/2008/02/15/branded-gmail-address/

(Replace dot with . above)