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options to sync contacts from godaddy's basic service to portable devices

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Of course Gmail does this well and there are tons of apps for that.

Perhaps you could sync contacts through gmail or Outlook dot com? (e.g. a Windows app called contacts-sync does sync gmail).

Don't forget that the iphone, for example, can run most webmail apps through it's native email app...although contact sync is not automatic, the contacts are all there in the email for the user to grab.

Also, Apple iCloud does contact sync to IOS devices natively, but not so much for Android.

Of course then the obvious question would be why not use gmail instead of godaddy mail since syncing outlook to gmail can be done.

Of course if I were a 'rogue user' of the godaddy solution I would setup a forwarding rule and just push all my mail into gmail....since you can then use google calendar which syncs very well using apps like Calengoo (which works for iphone or android)....but I digress.

www dot zdnet dot com/outlook-com-a-boon-to-iphone-ipad-users-7000002090/