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Outlook 2007 not working with Verizon Send and Receive issues.

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I have a similar problem, in that I cannot send or receive e-mail in Outlook 2007. My ISP is also Verizon, more specifically, Verizon/Yahoo. The only thing different is I have a send/receive button present. The way I work around this is to login to Verizon/Yahoo and then run Outlook 2007 and all is well. Don't ask me how this is so. I've spend hours with Verizon tech support (most reps are not very knowledgeable) and they kept telling me it was a software problem. I totally agree with Thumbs Up, the problem lies with the ISP, I just can't figure out what it is. Anyway, try my method of logging in to Verizon, run Outlook and see what happens.