Outlook 2010 Calendar

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Outlook 2010 Calendar

Hi Guys! thank you in advance for the responses. this is my issue with the calendar using Outlook 2010.
Normally our user will double click a free timing on the resource calendar to book and thats just about it, but the problem is, when a second user book the same room, same timing, double booking is still accepted. now, hold you horses, i know that you gonna be asking if the conflicts settings for the resource is ticked, YES it is ticked.

Now here is the funny thing and really odd thing. in outlook 2010 calendar when by default it is in CALENDAR VIEW which makes it easier to see the free timings. Now let's say i booked on the Room1 1:00PM (still in calendar view), the header which says Untitled - Meeting is on top of the booking window, i book the room on this view everything is okay and a notification is sent to me. I book the same timing, same room, same Calendar View, then i will be seeing/receiving the DECLINED message, which is PERFECT!!!

But, when you change the VIEW from CALENDAR VIEW to WEEK VIEW, that is where the problems starts. problem with this, all of our staffs uses this view. when i book a room from this view, it says on top UNTITLED -APPOINTMENT, so still continue, pull all the necessary info's then save, after saving, there are no notifications that it has been accepted, now i tried to book the same room, same time on the same view "week view" and save it, it goes thru, no notifications, no declined message or anything. its simply accepted.

I would like to know how to perhaps disable this APPOINTMENT option to appear when in week view when booking a resource? is there a way to fix this issue from EMC with commands?

appreciate your response guys. thanks